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  • Jun   Ma - PhD, Professor, PhD Advisor

    Receieve his Doctor's degree from Kyushu University, Japan. Member of Big Data Technical Committee, Chinese Information Retrieval Technical Committee, Chinese Information Techinical Committee. Member of Chinese Computer Federation Committee, ACM and IEEE
    Research Interests: Parallel Computing, Knowledge Management based on the Web Technology、Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence, Web Information Retrieval, Text Classification and Clustering, Data Mining


  • Liqiang Nie- PhD, Professor, PhD Advisor, Chinese thousands of young people, Qilu Scholar
    Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Multimedia Computing, Computational Wellness

  • Zhumin Chen - PhD, Associate Professor, PhD Advisor
    Member of the Chinese Information Technology Committee, Biomedical and Health Information Processing Committee, Chinese Information Retrieval Committee, Chinese Social Media Processing Comittee, Chinese Computer Federation Technical Committee(CCF) and ACM
    Research Interests: Big Data Processing, Natural Language Processing, Computational Wellness, Information Retrieval, Social Computing, Data Mining

  • Tian Gan - PHD, Assistant Professor, Master Advisor
    Research Interests: Multimedia Computing, Big Data Processing

  • Xuemeng Song - PHD, Assistant Professor, Master Advisor
    Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Social Computing, Big Data Processing

  • Jing   Yang - Associate Professor, Master Advisor
  • Xun   Cai - Associate Professor, PHD, Master Advisor
  • Li   Lian - Associate Professor, PHD, Master Advisor